About Me

Hi!  I'm Jon, your Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®!

I'm a retired US Navy Submariner, after nearly 24 years of service in uniform.  During this time, my family and I have lived all across the country and beyond.  While there were wonderful adventures, there was much grief as we moved from place to place.

One of my daughter's high school teachers once said: "You've never really lived anywhere until you've lived there 5 years."  My daughter said to her friends: "Well, I guess I've never lived anywhere!"

While my children and wife were good sports and very supportive of me and my career -- and they knew in their heart that great adventure lie ahead for us to discover -- there was always sadness with leaving behind old (new?) friends, schools, neighborhoods, and support groups.

I found Grief Recovery after my super-fit, rock-climbing nephew passed away from leukemia.  My brother told me about the book "When Children Grieve."  As I learned more about the Grief Recovery Institute I became very intrigued with the idea of helping to reduce human suffering through finding completeness from grief.

My vision is to do just that: help reduce human suffering through the Grief Recovery Method.  It would be my honor to work with you!